Chapter 6A

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Under this chapter there are numerous sections of tax income Act. This article will explain and elaborate more on the various segments of the chapter. Under every segment there are different situations that differ from one section to the other.

  • Under segment 80C -this consists of various expenses and investments made.
  • Under segment 80CCC –it’s made up of numerous Annuity premium plans
  • Under segment 80CCD –consists of the contributions made to the pension plan
  • Under segment 80CCG – consists of Equity RGESS 201 fund investment
  • Under segment 80D – consists of the medical or even health insurance
  • Under segment 80 DD – consists of the rehabilitation of the relative dependent handicapped.
  • Under segment 80 DDB – consists on any medical expenditure on a dependent relative or on you.
  • Under segment 80 E – Involve the loan earned interest during the achievement of higher studies
  • Under segment 80 EE – any surplus interest an exemption is made on the home loans. This is applicable for 2014 to 2015
  • Under segment 80 G –consist of a list of various donations
  • Under segment 80GG –consist on the amount to be paid as house rent
  • Under segment 80TTA –consist of the interest earned on the deposits in the saving accounts
  • Under segment 80U – consists of all the employees who experience physical disabilities
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Under this chapter there are various documents a person can submit to claim for deductions. Below is a list of all the needed documents.

  • Under segment 80C – the required papers are a  copy of insurance proceeds, deposit certificate, loan statement for a house and receipts for school fees, Provident Fund
  • Under segment 80 CCC –either a bank acquired statement or payment pension proceed receipts
  • Under segment 80 CCD –either bank account statement or pension payment proceeds receipts
  • Under segment 80 CCG – trading paper documents required
  • Under segment 80 D – either a receipt on the medical insurance or the bill for health check ups
  • Under segment 80 DD –form 101[A] is required from any government doctor
  • Under segment 80DDB – from 101 is required from any government doctor
  • Under segment 80 E – a bank statement on the educational loan
  • Under segment 80 EE – a issued bank statement of the house loan which is in compliance of the set conditions
  • Under segment 80G – the receipts for the donation
  • Under segment 80 GG – receipts for the rent paid
  • Under segment 80 TTA – bank savings account statement
  • Under segment 80 UU – form 101[A] is required from any government doctor

A person can still easily claim for his or her deductions through the submission of proof when filling his or her income returns on Tax. It is important to take note that not all the documents of proof can be placed under consideration during filling time. There are other claims that are only to be deliberated on by an employer.

These are all important sections under the income return tax chapter. They are taken into consideration under specified conditions or circumstances. In this process of claim for deduction a person should follow the right procedure so that he or she can be eligible for the deductions.

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