Digital Signature FAQ

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There are various Frequently Asked Question about digital signatures. This article is going to explain and elaborate more on the numerous queries asked. This is helpful in broadening a person’s knowledge on this subject.

What is a digital signature certificate?

Digital signature certificate [DSC] is digitally equivalent to papers or physical certificates. Example of paper documents includes passport, driver’s license and membership card. The certificates serve as identity proof. A driving license identifies you as an individual who is legally permitted to drive in a certain country. Equally, a digital certificate document can electronically be presented as identity evidence in accessing information or certain services online or in the signing of a document digitally.


Why the digital certificates are required?

Just like how paper physical document are manually signed, electronic digital documents such as e-forms require being signed digitally through the use of a digital signature.

What are the diverse categories of digital signature certificate binding for MCA21 suite?

There are various kinds of digital certificate such as:

Class 2: Here, a person’s identity is proved using a trusted, pre –proven database.

Class 3: This is the uppermost level, a person is required to present herself or himself in front of the Registration Authority [RA] and show the required prove of his or her identity.

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Who is responsible for issuing the Digital Signature Certificate?

An approved Certificate Authority [CA] is responsible in issuing the digital signatures. This is a body which has been allowed and approved to give out the signature certificate under section 24, Indian IT.act 2000. The list of approved authorities together with their contacts is available on MCA portal online []

What kind of digital signature certificate is expected for e-filling through the MCA online portal?

You can obtain DSC of level 3 or 2 category given out by an approved authority when using the MCA online portal for the required e-filling.


Is DIN [Director Identification Number] a pre-requisite in applying for DSC? The answer to this is so simple. It is not a pre-requisite.

How much does it cost to obtain Digital Signature Certificate [DSC]

The cost of acquiring the certificate may vary. This is because there are various factors to be considered when issuing the signature certificate. Therefore, the charges for the different entities may vary.

How much time does it take for the certified authority to issue a digital signature certificate?

The number of days for the process to be completed may vary from only three which is the minimum time to seven days which is the maximum time.

How long is the Digital certificate valid?

The certifying authority is usually allowed to give out digital certificate which is valid for one or at most two years. After the period ends you are required to renew the issued certificate. This factor is quite important and should not be ignored.

What is the current legal standing of the digital signature

Digital signature is legally binding in a law court, as stated under the IT provisions.