Income Tax e-Filing

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 Income Tax e-Filing: Filing of income tax returns can be done online from the convenience of your home or office. This is what is referred to as e-filing. There are two different methods through which you can take advantage of this cost-free and easy-to-use online facility. These are:

  1. Using the browser-based e-filing method. This involves logging on to the income tax department e-filing portal without having to download any software or application.
  2. Using e-filing applications, software or utilities that have been downloaded or sourced from the Department of Income Tax. This method involves completing the forms or utilities so provided and then uploading them to the website of the Department of Income Tax. These applications or utilities include the ITR Excel Utility and the ITR Java Utility.

Filing income tax by use of custom softwares These utilities or tax filing-specific softwares are normally released on an annual basis at no cost. It is therefore important to keep updating these softwares or utilities for filing of income tax. The ITR Excel Utility has existed longer than the ITR Java Utility. Previously only the ITR Excel Utility was available. The ITR Java Utility has quickly gained a following because it is easier to use. Besides being user friendly, other outstanding features include the fact that this utility can automatically fetch information and enter it. To upload income tax returns via the ITR Java Utility is also faster and less complicated. Step-by-step process of Income Tax e-Filing by use of customer utilities

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  1. Visit the https://www.incometaxindiaefiling website. Depending on your kind of income select the relevant form.
  2. After selecting the form relevant to your income type get the utilities provided. You have the choice of Excel or Java.
  3. Enter the information required into the utility you have downloaded. Make sure the information is the same in all the forms including Form 26AS, Form 16B, Form 16A and Form 16.
  4. After filling of the utility form is complete the next step is to upload it on to the website. You will have to do this after signing in under the particular utility you have filed in.
  5. Once it has been uploaded successfully, you will get an acknowledgement message on the screen. An ITR-V will also be dispatched to the email address associated with your account in the event that you didn’t digitally sign your returns.

Step-by-step process of browser-based Income Tax e-Filing The browser-based method of e-filing income tax returns does not require you to download any utilities.

  1. Visit the https://www.incometaxindiaefiling website and sign in. Your user ID is your PAN(Permanent Account Number).
  2. Click on the link ‘e-File – Income Tax Return – Prepare and Submit Online’.
  3. Enter all the information required and then click submit.

NOTE: Income Tax Returns require to have been digitally signed. To do this all the taxpayer needs to do is have the ITR-V acknowledgement slip printed out and have them signed. It should thereafter be sent to the Department of Income Tax by physical mail. This should be within a period of four months or 120 days.