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This is a scheme that enables people who are not working therefore, not earning to have a stable income source in India. This amount is usually paid on systematic installments and mostly the group of people that greatly benefit from it are the employees of the government. For one to satisfactorily qualify for the age pension, you are mandated to fulfill the residence and age requirement. Afterward you’re payable age pension amount is computed. There several factors that affect the amount payable under this umbrella such as a person’s income or assets and other situations.


If a person happens to be legally blind, he or she is eligible to access the Age pension blind fund. This has no regards to either the assets or income tests. All the pension qualification requirements are regarded as internal matters of the Organization Company or even corporations. There are diverse modules of pension classes. Below they are all listed.

  • Voluntary retirement
  • Superannuation
  • Retiring pension
  • Invalid pension
  • Compensation pension
  • Compassionate allowance
  • Retirement compulsory pension
  • Family pension
  • Extraordinary pension
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There are various rules governing the pension. First of all, the most important rule is that for one to qualify for a pension he or she must have worked for at least 20years. Before it was 33 years but later on the number of years was greatly reduced. The second rule is that the pension evaluation is done on the base of the latest 10 months pay average or the pay that was last drawn. The decision is made based on whichever amount is going to be of most benefit to the employee. The various terms that are related to the computation of the pension include communation, pension, death cum gratuity on retirement, family pension and pension restoration.


The pension received by an individual is taxable regardless of the cradle. The family pension is an exception, in that some amount is exempted from the taxable monies. These include Rs.15000 or 1/3 of the whole pension one receives in the course of a fiscal year. Pensions are advisable for everyone since one is assured of a comfortable life that is struggle free during your old age. One can easily relax and wait for the instalments which he or she can use during for sustenance.


A person can also decide to invest some on the pension money on various assets that can easily and quickly generate the needed profitable returns. This is a wise way of spending your pension money, however, you need to be really careful on the type of investment. One should be able to calculate their pension tax, which they are required to pay.


Nevertheless, one is advised to consult a professional auditor who is an expert on tax matters. They will be able to correctly and accurately compute the tax amount.

Pensions have numerous advantages in that people are able to have a stable assured comfortable future, this prevents  old people from being dependent on the young people for care taking. This aspect is important in boosting of economic growth since the young are able to put all their energy in working to grow the country.

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